Happy International Metal Detecting Day

Today is International Metal Detecting Day. I hope you are all out getting out to swing your detector. Hopefully you will swing it over something good!!

I want you all to follow the Metal Detecting Code of Ethics:

  • Never trespass. Always get permission to traverse private or restricted lands.
  • Always respect private property and do no metal detecting without the owner’s permission.
  • Before searching public sites, always check laws, ordinances or regulations that may govern your hunt.
  • Always leave gates as they are found whether open or closed.
  • Never do anything that might contaminate wells, creeks or other water supplies.
  • Never tamper with signs, maintenance facilities or equipment.
  • Never damage or destroy property, buildings or what is left of ghost towns or deserted structures.
  • Don’t spook, taunt, provoke or otherwise disturb wild or domestic animals.
  • If necessary, clean up after a previous detectorist. Acting in spite of him or even just ignoring his transgressions will only hurt us all in the end.
  • Always use the correct digging or probing equipment to make the least intrusion or marks.
  • Never throw trash finds back in the hole. Pack out any and all trash or debris you create.
  • Leave as little sign of your passing as possible.
  • Always fill in your holes, including plowed fields, sand pits, beaches and in water.
  • Be thoughtful, considerate, courteous and respectful of others at all times.
  • Protect the metal detecting hobby by being a good will ambassador at all times.
  • Report the discovery of any items of possible significant historical value to a local historian or museum in accordance with the latest legislation of your area.
  • Report any live ammunition or other potentially lethal or toxic objects you may find to authorities after carefully noting or marking the location.
  • Do Not Metal Detect Cemeteries.

Help is needed!

From our president:

Over the past couple of years, the club has been involved with the Sportsman Association in an attempt to keep the Department of Fish and Wildlife Management from closing the lands to metal detecting.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife has decided to stop issuing permits based on inaccurate data. As a result I am asking that our members contact the Fish and Wildlife management requesting that they re-state the permit process that was previously in place.

The e-mail addresses are dave.chanda@dep.nj.gov larry.herrighty@dep.nj.gov and dave.golden@dep.nj.gov. Please be courteous in your communication. Being rude or nasty will not help our cause.